Gather Your Treasure Through Puzzles And Adventure!

Locomotion is a spectacular single-player train puzzle game. Sit back, relax and chill for an afternoon of excellent, entertainment and excitement, or, pick up and go as you solve puzzles on the move! Guide your train to the exit of each level, collect all of your gold and travel to new heights!

“Ready to jump onboard partner? Go ahead and grab your ticket from Steam or the Nintendo Switch eShop and I’ll see you in the Wild West.”

"Locomotion perfectly scratches that puzzleing itch. Difficulty curve is just right, new elements are introduced gradually and the combination of these elements is neatly done. Most puzzles have simple solutions but they are not always easy to find."


"This is a fun and challenging puzzle game. It starts with some easy mechanics, just get all the gold and finish a level. Further into the game, there will be a lot more mechanics and things become a bit more complicated."

Missi the Achievement Huntress

"A fun train puzzle game, that has decent graphics, a good premise and is just good fun to play. The use of fans and magnets is something I hadn't seen before and it is well implemented."


"The whole game shows a lot of attention to detail and polish. It plays really well, the train isn't too fast, nor is it too slow and the camera controls work well"


"Very Good, Nice game to chill out to"

The Watcher - Tom

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